Educator and  Consultant
My study programs are designed to help people and organizations make better decisions and avoid the pitfalls.
It was no accident that the field of behavioral economics emerged not from the research of economists, but of psychologists, such as Nobel Prize for Economics winner, Daniel Kahneman.  As opposed to traditional economic model building, which works under the assumption that people make rational decisions to optimize the likelihood of achieving desired outcomes, behavioral economists start by asking how humans actually behave in the real world.  With perhaps a few exceptions (but none that I can think of), all human decisions can be understood through the lens of finite resources as described by economists.  It is, therefore, no accident that in trying to understand behavior in specific economic situations, insights have been made into so many other decision-making spheres.

I harness the power of behavioral economics to help people and organizations make better decisions and avoid the pitfalls that may result from the influence of factors that oftentimes our conscious brains do not even recognize. I combine the latest research in behavioral economics with my successful entrepreneurial experience and formal academic training in classical economics and business management to develop low cost practical applications for growth and profitability. Behavioral economic based solutions can be applied to all aspects of running a business - sales, marketing, finance, human resources, project management and long term planning.

​I offer a variety of educational and consulting services designed to meet a wide range of needs and budgets:

  1. “Behavioral Economics – Is Your Company Being Left in the Dust” is a 45 minute presentation that focuses on key behavioral economic principles and how those principles are being used by leading companies throughout the world in many different spher​es of endeavor. The presentation can be tailored to industry specific groups.
  2. “Behavioral Economics for the C-Suite” is a 6-session course that covers a wide range of behavioral economic principles that can be applied to virtually all aspects of running an organization: sales and marketing, human resources, finance, project management and long term planning. The course is designed for CEO’s and other C-Suite executives from different, non-competing companies. It may be organized by a business group that already meets regularly to share challenges and best practices or by a service provider (bank, accounting firm, etc.) that seeks to provide a value added service to its clients.
  3. “Putting Behavioral Economics to Work for Your Company” is a 6-session course done for a single organization or department within the organization. While based on the “Behavioral Economics for the C-Suite” course described above, it focuses on organization, industry, and/or department specific challenges and opportunities. This course is designed in consultation with key stakeholders within the organization.
  4. “See the World through the Lens of Behavioral Economics” is an individualized private consulting program designed for top level executives who have to deal with the entire scope of a company’s activities. In regularly scheduled consulting sessions or through a retainer that provides consultation as needed, I help executives understand the myriad of issues that they confront every day from perspectives that they would never have otherwise considered.